IDP Lawyers is the place to start your career in insurance litigation. All our graduates are guided through a rotation of the firm’s three main practice areas;

  • Common Law & Serious Injury
  • Statutory Benefits
  • Recoveries

At IDP new lawyers get to work with true specialists who are the best in the industry. You are not just a number, it is our general practice that all our graduates are closely mentored by experienced and highly skilled practitioners, providing a safe, rich, and supportive environment to deepen their knowledge of the law. Our one-on-one learning sessions will help you develop professional confidence, and our collegial atmosphere will very quickly put you at ease and make you feel part of the IDP family.

Applications for our 2024 Graduate positions are now open until 30th November 2023. Please visit our LinkedIn Jobs page to see the advertisement with details on how to apply.

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What we Offer

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