We seek people who share our values and understand our firm’s responsibilities. We provide our lawyers and support staff with a unique and rewarding career experience.

Our lawyers have the opportunity to work with the best in the industry, continually learning from and being mentored by IDP’s experienced partners while broadening their knowledge of the law through working closely with highly skilled client practitioners.

We invest in our values and people as much as we do our business systems and client relationships, knowing they are all inextricably linked. Our values are based on a set of shared beliefs that stem from sound principles and good business sense.


When people align their careers with IDP, we recognise the significance of this commitment. Whilst we place great value on the skills and experience of our people we understand that we are employing the whole person and expect that time spent at IDP will be a personally rewarding experience across all dimensions. In return, we expect a wholehearted effort in terms of the quality of work produced as well as making a positive contribution to the well-being of the workplace and our workmates.

Do your bit

“Know your role, play your role”. Our people fully understand their role and expectations. This applies to both their work and expertise, but also the contribution they make to the greater good of the firm and its clients. This is a two-way expectation. The firm provides formal and informal frameworks and guidance as it relates to roles and responsibilities of individuals and teams.


Our work environment at IDP is based on the traditional notion of team, built on the objective of collective trust. We do great work individually, but even better work together. We encourage friendship and a sense of fun, and for our people to look out for each other. We ask “What do you bring to the team, and what are you prepared to do for the team?”


Step up

At IDP, we place a high value on empathy. We look out for each other, provide support, and when necessary put aside our own work to give someone a hand when their workload or personal circumstances require it. We are also prepared to speak up when we see or experience behaviours outside of the IDP values.

If this sounds like an environment where you would flourish professionally, we would like to hear from you. Please email us a copy of your CV and a covering letter to